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Partners and Collaborations

Stronger together: Our long-time partners provide us with the ability to rely on a global network for recruitment, HR consultancy and other HR services. Because today’s specialists and executives think globally.

Executive Research International

ER International is a partnership of experienced recruiting agencies from Europe, the USA and Asia. As a member of this network we are able to completely staff international teams and support global companies in their HR strategy.

German-French Business Club in Bavaria, Munich

The Business Club promotes economic relations between Germany and France. It provides an exchange platform to its members from the world of business, science and public institutions and offers decision makers the opportunity to establish valuable contacts.

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European Champions Alliance (ECA)

The European Champions Alliance (ECA) is a non-for-profit initiative by a group of passionate entrepreneurs and business development experts. Its members support European tech and values and have set themselves the goal to promote European tech leadership.

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La French Tech Munich

3C is a founding member of “La French Tech Munich”. We aim at helping start-ups and tech-scale-ups in leveraging European champions by using the strong Germany-France axis for them to stand up to the American and Asian champions.

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