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Experts find top players

A company’s success begins with the right experts and executives in the right position. As industry experts we know which one of the candidates in our large network is most suitable for a given position – or who has the greatest future potential. For this purpose, all team members use their specific industry contacts.

Our team

Industry-specific Expertise

Software & Platforms

SaaS, Software, Internet of Things (IoT), Infrastructure/Networks, Cloud, Analytics, Big Data, AI

The most important characteristics in future-oriented tech companies differ from those demanded in traditional industries. Understanding new markets, agile change and the needs of young consumers replace traditional leadership skills. In this regard, the 3C Team keeps pace with the latest trends and uses its international network.

Financial Services

FinTech, Banking & Payments, Insurance & InsurTech, Real Estate & PropTech

The transformation of the financial sector has gathered momentum dramatically. Executives have to manage the balancing act between increasing regulation and greater flexibility of services every day. This task requires exceptional personalities – and specific recruitment strategies.

Automotive & Aerospace

Automotive Industry, Semiconductors, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Automation, Greentech, Smart Industry

The automobile and aviation industries are about to experience the most radical change of the past 100 years. Thoughts that were valid a short while ago are now being questioned. The need for managers with visions and a clear compass for the markets of the future is greater than ever in this environment.

Cyber Security

The trend is clear: Companies prefer to invest in software protecting them from hacker attacks than in people who develop counter strategies and security measures. It is high time to rethink: 3C helps you to recruit highly qualified experts for this special area.

Consumer Products

Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle, Consumer Digital, Food Tech, Health & Wellness, New Retail

Fragmented target groups, dwindling brand loyalty and multi-channel trade pose a big challenge to executives in the consumer goods industry. Well-founded market know-how is just as important in this respect as digital literacy. A wide range that only few candidates in the market offer.

Professional Services

Professional, Business and IT Services, Consulting Firms

Specialized service providers like IT consultants, business consulting firms or auditors bear a great responsibility for their clients and their economic success. It is therefore all the more important that service providers employ competent staff.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics industry, chemical industry
The life sciences sector is facing further groundbreaking developments in the biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors. The focus is on people, both as beneficiaries and drivers of innovation. Industry experience and professional personnel consulting are in demand here to ensure that the chemistry between the people working together is right.


In addition to our focus on core industries (we are particularly strong as engineering recruiters and in finance recruitment), 3C also specializes in certain functional areas. Choose the area in which you currently have a job opening.


CEO, Board, Managing Director, VP, General Manager, Country Manager

To appoint managing directors and members of the board is one of the most difficult but also riskiest recruitment processes. In this regard, 3C relies on a wide network which extends to the highest leadership circles. This way, we know who is ready for a new, challenge, and where and when.


CSO, Chief Revenue Officer, VP Sales, Global/Key/ Enterprise Account Management, Channel/Partner Management, Customer Success, Sales Enablement, Distribution, Territory Manager, Sales Operations

Sales managers and sales directors have to be team builders in the first place. Beyond that, their task is to build an efficient sales organization and most of all to link sales processes with the digital world. We can tell you who will drive this transformation successfully.


CMO, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, PR, Digital Marketing

Marketing managers need extensive expertise and well-founded digital know-how to be able to make “data-driven” decisions. When selecting the candidates, we look for analytical skills as well as a deep understanding of the world of modern media.

Engineering & Production

Development, Construction, Production, Maintenance/Service, Project- & Quality Management

The industry is faced with a fundamental change. Customized mass production and a quick time-to-market are often more important than sophisticated solutions. The engineering specialists from 3C look for candidates with not only technical skills but who also grasp the competition and the market.

Procurement and Supply Chain

Supply Chain Director, Head of Procurement, Strategic Procurement, Project Purchasing

The value of well-functioning supply chains cannot be stressed out enough. Successful procurement and logistics managers have the ability to arrange a faster, more cost-effective and more innovative supply of goods and raw materials. Thus, the brightest minds among these experts are in great demand.


CFO, Finance Manager, Controller, Operations Manager, Head of Compliance

In the financial sector, decision makers must meet the highest requirements. They need cross-sectoral expertise in asset planning, M&A, investor relations, taxes and corporate governance. 3C specializes in finance recruitment and will support you in building powerful teams of top financial experts.

Human Resources

HR Management, Compensation & Benefits, People Development, Talent Acquisition, Chief People Officer

The most valuable asset of a company is its employees – that is not a scoop. But who is actually in charge of the acquisition, the engagement and career development of top talents in the company? It requires the best experts from the human resources department – a recruiting task for 3C.

Our Team

Advisory Committee

Berend Haber, one of the 3C founders, as well as veteran entrepreneur Michael Kaack are assisting 3C’s Managing Directors as advisors and provide them with impetus.

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