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3C – Career Consulting Company

3C – stands for successful careers. For consulting services bringing together employers and candidates that match. And for a company that has been focusing on one single task for 23 years: Executive search that meets the highest standards.

Executive search with high standards


We specialize in recruiting experts and executives. Each of our recruitment consultants has gained experience on a management level – for conducting recruiting interviews from peer to peer. Find out more about the way we work here.


23 years’ experience

During this time, we learnt what really matters in terms of executive search. Trust, sensitivity, expertise and most of all, well-established contacts.

Latest methodology

By applying the latest headhunting processes, we reach our goal faster – and also reach candidates that are currently not actively searching.

Global Presence

Through the ERI Executive Resources International partnership we are connected with boutique executive search agencies in all the important business locations globally.

Awards and Initiatives

  • 2023: FOCUS Top Best Executive Search in Germany
  • 2022: FOCUS Top Best Executive Search in Germany
  • 2021: FOCUS Top Best Executive Search in Germany
  • 2018: Headhunter of the Year
  • 2000+

    successful recruitments

  • 2–3

    Months’ maximum duration of project

  • 17

    Permanent employees

  • 7

    Years in a row honoured as Top Executive Search

  • 6

    Core industries

  • 15

    International partners

Good to Know

Taking over responsibility for people who bear responsibility is our motto. Since our company was founded in 2001, we boosted far more than 1,000 careers – and became the leading C-level recruiting agency across many industries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our Industry Expertise

Convictions that convince


Due to long-standing expertise, the 3C Talent Acquisition Team knows what entrepreneurs and candidates expect in today’s professional world. We provide competent, targeted and personalized support.


We think like entrepreneurs – in the long term. It is not a about quickly signing a deal for us, but rather about a recruitment with long-term benefits for both parties.


Recruiting experts and executives is a matter of trust. Our communication is proactive, transparent and open at every stage of the project – also within our team.


Recruiting is “people business”. And whenever people cooperate closely, mutual respect and appreciation leads to success stories.


Our way of thinking is the same as our clients’. When looking for a candidate we always adopt their perspective. In this regard, we also take questions like diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace into consideration.

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